Statement From Management

It is all within great sadness that unfortunately, due to a management decision. LKW Transport has closed.
We like to thank everyone who helped out and stood by us, even during rough times.
It's sad that it has come to this but we have no other option at this moment in time. We can only apologise to all the drivers, staff and managers for this unfortunate outcome, we did not wish for it to come to this again.

When I, SgtBreadStick, stepped up to the role of CEO, I originally had hoped to turn LKW around and keep it going as a well known, successful VTC. I admit I have made some mistakes during this time, but this was all to prevent the closure of LKW, which well... didn't exactly go to plan. Many were upset by these changes, and many liked the changes, however you can't make everyone happy, but we started to slowly lose staff members, and management were having to step down from LKW due to no time and personal reasons, which added on to the ongoing problems currently happening.

For all of our current drivers and staff, we recommend moving on to Red Line Cargo as their next VTC, however we do not want to force our drivers to go to any other VTC, it's only a slight guidance.
We also like to announce that while LKW Transport is closing, the community discord(s) will remain in place for previous and current members to hang out in, though we are unsure about activity.

While LKW may have not had the greatest of starts, it was still an absolutely brilliant VTC and we are all glad to be part of it's history, but we think it's best that it ends here. We're unsure of whether to make this just a gaming community hangout or whether to just keep it as a random discord server for users to hang out in, sort of like how it is right now.
We'd like to thank A.(Adam) for his work as COO, Vladdis as original CEO, the Recruitment Team for their amazing work, Media Team for their great pictures, Ciprian Ionut for his brilliant work on the LKW bot, Event Team for their exceptional Convoy Control work, TruckerBlingg for his LKW Weekly Convoy planning and, Devon for his great quotes and memes :kappa:
Again, thank you to every driver, staff member, and random people for making LKW like it was, and we couldn't have wanted it any other way.

Regards, SgtBreadStick + all of LKW

Thank you.